CHANGE THE STORY is an opportunity to create something new within our foster system through transparent communication, unified relationships and teamwork.  We are partnering with DCYF to accomplish this by interviewing new staff members and other leaders connected to foster care throughout our state.  Through these interviews, we hope to:

  1. Introduce staff members to the foster parent community, sharing their job titles, roles, intentions and vision for the new department.

  2. Encourage foster parents to be patient and 'hang in there' as these competent new leaders work diligently to improve the system.

  3. Build bridges between the department and foster parents, through authentic and real conversations.


Rep. Tom Dent

Representing the 13th Legislative Distric

Olympia, WA - September 12th, 2018

Representative Dent so graciously sat down with us to talk about his continuous work advocating for foster children and families across the state. He worked tirelessly last year to pass legislation that called for the creation of the Foster Parent and Caregiver Bill of Rights and was an avid supporter in establishing the new Department of Children, Youth and Families. As a previous foster parent himself, he understands the importance of respecting foster parents and including them as a part of the team.

patty fil.jpg

Patty Linderman

The Foster Innovation Lab

September 27th, 2018

We love Patty’s heart for foster children and passion to improve the foster system, which inspired her to create The Foster Innovation Lab. Learn more about the great work they are doing here in Washington state!

***Please excuse the technical difficulties of Facebook Live! Skip forward to minute 6:30 when Patty joins us for this fantastic interview!

Kagi Interview.jpg

Rep. Ruth Kagi

Authored HB 1661, Creating the new DCYF

Seattle, WA - June 27th, 2018

It was such an honor to speak to Representative Ruth Kagi who has spent over 20 years serving in the Washington state legislature. Her most recent accomplishment was HB 1661, the bill that created the Department of Children Youth and Families which launched on July 1st, 2018


Dorene Perez

DCYF Regional Administrator for Region 2

Facebook Live - August 3, 2018

Meet Dorene Perez in this casual and authentic Facebook Live Interview!  She is the new Regional Administrator for Region 2 and her experience and passion are evident as she shares her vision for DCYF in Central Washington.