support foster parents

build a collaborative community

champion systemic change



a STATE-WIDE foster care system where the foster parent community is empowered, supported and recognized as partners, creating a solid foundation where children can thrive.



Across the state of Washington, Foster parents will be supported and their voices heard through specific initiatives that bring together the network of organizations, families and experiences.  These stories will influence three main priorities:


  1. Advocate for Systemic Change

    • Work with legislators in Olympia and commissioners/judges across the state to advocate for legislation that positively impacts the rights of foster parents and shifts statutes to support a child-centric approach.

  2. Collaborate with Partner Organizations

    • Intentionally conduct strategic outreach to partner with organizations, coalitions, commissions, and associations related to foster care in Washington and the PNW region to increase awareness of various perspectives and amplify a united voice.

  3. Strengthen the Relationship Between the department and Foster Parents

    • Intentionally partner with foster parents, social workers, licensors, supervisors and administration within the department and hosting local opportunities for conversation, training and collaboration.