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When:  Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018

Where:  The North Steps of the Washington State Capital Building

  • 10:00am  /  Meet and Greet
  • 11:00am  /  Rally!
  • 12:00pm  /  Connect with Reps

  Exciting things are happening in the Washington Foster Care System and now is the time to make your voice heard!  We would like to formally invite you to the “Together We Care” Rally in Olympia on Jan 17th, 2018.  We understand this is short notice, but have been invited to rally by the leaders of the Kids Caucus who are gathering that same day.  The 2018 Legislative Session has just begun and it is the perfect time to raise awareness and rally for positive changes for Foster Parents and children.

   While we are very aware of the brokenness of the current foster system and the challenges facing all of us, we are equally full of hope and confidence in the excellent leadership in the new Department of Children Youth and Families.  We know these leaders are working incredibly hard to create the new agency, which will launch in July of 2018. We hope to bring to their attention the primary needs of foster parents,  the vital role of foster parents as the housing portion of the foster system and the desperate need for rights and protections to ensure foster parent health and retention.

Here are the goals for the rally and the heart of our mission as Fostering Change: 

  • The goal is to honor all people involved, not criticize them.
  • We want to build relationships, not divide them. 
  • We will not focus on our differences but instead on our common heart for foster care:  loving and helping children and families. 
  • We will peacefully raise hope by unifying together as one, amplified voice.
  • We have invited organizations to come set up tables, engage with the fostering community and share information about their projects and resources for the foster parent community.  
  • Our desire is to connect people with their local and state supporters as well as their State Representatives. 
  • Our ultimate goal is that everyone leaves with overflowing hope!

   It is an incredible time to be a foster parent as the new department launches this coming summer.  We are in a window of opportunity to create something great and would love you and/or your organization’s attendance!  Everyone is welcome to come who is touched by foster care / child welfare. Many foster parents, social workers and advocates (e.g. 1624's FPAWS, Fostering Change, CASA's) are attending this rally on January 17th.  Change cannot happen without boots on the ground.  January 17th is the day we move from "venting" to taking action.  Please RSVP and follow through with your RSVP.  We need people power to make change happen.  There is a committed group of individuals volunteering their time to spearhead this movement and represent you as foster parents.  Please help them represent you well by joining!

-The Fostering Change Team

Please save and share this image online!  Thank you for helping us spread the word!

Please save and share this image online!  Thank you for helping us spread the word!